Rx Drugs

Below is information and articles on the dangers of Rx drugs that are pushed to us as safe & effective. Many times they will tell us we have to be on a medication for the rest of our life, but there are many instances where if we just make adjustments to diet and exercise we can correct the problem. It is a fact that around 100,000 people a year in the United States die due to adverse reactions to Rx drugs- and that is a big number! Imagine that, And even when the active ingredients are not very toxic, there are the inactive ingredients called binders & fillers. They don't have to tell us what they use in these ingredients, And I highly doubt there have been any significant studies on this. But what happens when a drug that is supposed to help us becomes the very thing that ends up destroying? The medical-pharmaceutical conglomerate does not care about this, they don't care if you remain ill, as long as it makes them a profit. That's the sad reality here. And I'm not talking about the folks at the lower levels of these fields. I'm talking about the owners, CEOs, and heavy-hitters within them. Why do you think they downplay chronic illness so much. Because it allows them to come up with a million and one syndromes to say you will always be sick from now on so stay on these drugs for the rest of your life and you'll be ok. To them, Its not about ending disease, its about maintaining them...

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