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Pollutants, Contaminants, Radiations

Some of the other big aspects on the bioweapons development and employment has also to do with introducing pollutants, contaminants, and radiation into the population. This is in some ways related to opportunistic infections in that when a bioweapon has compromised our natural defenses pollutants & radiation will be much more devastating to us, 

We are getting bombarded by toxic chemicals and radiation from many sources. Adjuvants are put in vaccines like thimerisol, formaldehyde, and aluminum. We have fluoride and pesticides being added to our water supply. Much of the food we eat has been genetically modified unless we buy organic,  and many chemicals we can't even pronounce are being considered as food ingredients. There are dangerous glyphosates sprayed on vegetables and fruit in agricultural production, and these are carcinogenic.  Dental amalgam fillings are laced with toxic mercury only inches from our brains. We are given multiple pharmaceutical drugs and even when the active drugs is not poisonous there are binders and fillers holding the active ingredients together and they are not obligated to tell the public what it consists of.  Technology, electronics, Wi-Fi, and cell phone radiation is bombarding us with EMF radiation and these are known to contribute to cancer, but also have effects on, interact with, and excite pathogenic organisms. It can exacerbate our ill health which ultimately ends up in cancer.  This, like opportunistic infections, are a big aspect of the biological weapons program and development.