Below is information & articles relating to geoengineering, Geoengineering is purposefully altering the weather in the hopes to avoid Climate Change. This happens through cloud seeding and using airplanes to spray thousands of tons of nanoparticles made of toxic metals and other material into the sky. Some say this is done through additives put in the jet fuel and others say its a spraying mechanism attached on the plane with the particles coming from tanks within the plane. In either case, they acknowledge to be doing this as part of the Climate Change initiative but as you'll see this does not look like a good idea. Many doctors have discussed how toxic this could be for life on the planet. It also may contribute to setting a perfect breeding ground for fungus, molds, and other pathogens. Many suggest that if anything contributes to Climate Change, this does more than any other man-made factor..  Geoengineering is being done without any say from citizens.