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Coxiella bonetii - Q Fever

Coxiella bonetii is the causative agent of Q Fever and is a gram-negative bacterium that is an intracellular pathogenic parasite. It is one of the most infectious known organisms and was worked on in numerous bioweapons development projects. Coxiella is highly resistant to environmental stress conditions like dryness, heat, and other factors. This would have been an excellent disease to add to other diseases to make them more stable and suitable to survive harsh conditions during deployment as a weapon. Coxiella is an airborne pathogen but can also spread through ticks, mosquitos, and contact with an infected person. Only one organism of exposure via inhalation can cause infection- making it so highly pathogenic. 

The symptoms of Coxiella are consistent with Lyme disease and other vector-borne diseases and pathogens. It presents in two stages. Initial symptoms such as headache, fatigue, respiratory problems, fever, chills, etc. It can then present as a chronic illness after the septic shock dismantling the immune system like all incapacitating agents containing biotoxin lipoproteins, The illness is said to sometimes spontaneously clear up on its own in many instances, but they also use antibiotic treatment like doxycycline or tetracycline.

Coxiella was used in PROJECT WHITECOAT and PROJECT SHAD, two of the military's secret biological weapons programs prior to 1969, when they were supposed to have ended. But we all know what happens. They end the program in name only, continue the programs just give them new names and on with the work.