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In the coming weeks and months, IF by some chance you happen to hear certain people in Lyme Disease Non Profits, special interest groups, or writers from prestigious Universities come out connecting Lyme disease to biowarfare, You will be getting 10% of the story and most of it will be wrong. And what's worse is anything they do have right right will be hijacked from other's hard work and claimed as their own. How pathetic. It was biowarfare but the angle they are giving you is going to be wrong or manipulated. They will hide the weaponized aspects of the disease that is broad spectrum and claim it is something limited. They will mix some truth with some lies. Blame the more insignificant players. Hide what the bioweapon actually does. They won't tell you the truth. But everyone will be so excited they wont question it. That's why they do this.  These people are snakes and they play on the public's mind. They will blame only military and a few of the more insignificant players, while making certain other countries and players look like saints. This is not reality.  Not by a long shot. This is a limited hangout. Controlled Release. Damage Control.

Likely this won't happen, but they are trying to fool everyone into position to throw us off the real issues. Be careful what you hear the propaganda is at an all-time high. Lots of lies coming from so many places and people

and if they do:

They will make all the money off everyone's suffering and won't do a damn thing to help us except more of what we dont need. Antibiotics (which do nothing for all the viruses and immune suppression that Lyme causes), more phony research and non-profits. If they start a lawsuit its probably a PR stunt, or, If they somehow happened to make any money it will go right back into the enemy's pocket. They dont care about the sick. They are slimy, bloodsucking leeches. That's what they do. Parasites. This whole screwjob will be done by the very same interests who perpetuated it in the first place. Pay attention to publishing companies and what schools or non-profits they come from. might tell you something. Just saying.

That is My Official Position On it.